The Baker House Hosts the 10th Annual Peru to the World Expo

Several of the most recognized Peruvian chefs came together for the celebration of the 10th Anniversary of the Peru to the World Expo (PTWE) Peru to the World Expo at the historic gardens of the Baker House 1650 in East Hampton. In attendance were town officials including the Mayor of East Hampton, Jerry Larson and wife Lisa, and town executive Sandra Melendez. Organized by PTWE who is led by Melvi Davila, president and CEO and Marina Coast Peru, whose executive director Antonella Bertello received special recognition for being among the most successful personalities contributing to the bringing Peruvian culture to the United States. Together, this celebration which included thirty-four of the top chefs with select tastings. Flavio Solorzano and Roger Arakaki, Chef Ambassadors of the Peruvian National brand led the adjoining chefs as they created their dishes which served as the tasting menu for the event attendees.

During the event, the ‘PTWE Bicentennial Chef Leadership Award of Excellence 2021’ was presented to Juan Chipoco, owner of Ceviche 105 as a tribute to the Bicentennial of the Independence of Peru. In addition, Amelia Doggwiler received ‘PTWE Bicentennial Award of Accomplishment 2021’ for her outstanding professionalism and business achievements in the Real Estate Market. Dr. Otto Cedrón received the special recognition “Doctor of the Bicentennial.”

As a special presenting Guest of Honor, the Ambassador Marita Landaveri, Consul General of Peru in New York joined the stage as guests, local business officials and restaurateurs watched the presentation of Peruvian culture and tradition. William Luna, famed musician entertained guests with his music while dancers performed onstage in elaborate, Andean ceremonial costumes. The event atmosphere included several food stations that presented creole style, seafood, traditional and grilled selections and of course sweets. Fine Alpaca garments were exhibited by the exclusive store, Peruvian Connection, in charge of dressing the event’s hosts, Melvi Davila and Antonella Bertello. Garments made of Llama Wool and fine silver jewelry with the traditional hauyruro stones by Evelyn Brooks from Peru Gift were also displayed.

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