“Peru to the World Expo! (PTWE), is the international Fair of Gastronomic Tourism of Peru and the central event of the efforts to promote Peruvian cuisine in the United States. This fair is held every year in New York City and is considered a business platform, where Peru shows its food products and gastronomic tourist attractions to distribution companies interested in learning about and acquiring these products. But primarily it offers American diners the opportunity to taste and delight their senses with the varied Peruvian cuisine.

Th PTWE fair offers a variety of dishes prepared by the most relevant Peruvian food restaurants in the tri-state area and perfectly pairs off the exquisite dishes with a series of cultural events such as typical dances, music and other artistic manifestations.

During the event, the organizers also praise the work of the Peruvian Top Chefs, ambassadors of Peruvian gastronomy, with the delivery of a diploma in recognition of their work, issued by the office of Senator Robert Menéndez – President of the Foreign Relations Commission of the United States Senate.


Peru to the World Expo” is a brand of events promoting Peruvian gastronomy and other cultural assets Peru has to offer. Peru to the World Expo was established in the US in 2012 with the purpose of disseminating the richness of its products and the diversity of Peruvian cuisine. Peru has been recognized for 9 consecutive years as the Best Culinary Destination in the World and has many Travel Awards. Our mission is to promote the growth of exports
from Peru of its many products used in this unique cuisine.

Since its inception, “Peru to the World Expo” has worked under the concept of promoting the knowledge, preparation and consumption of typical Peruvian dishes in the United States, which is why under this brand the organizers have created a series of events aimed at educating everyone on all aspects of this
amazing cuisine, from the suppliers to the consumer, this is accomplished through the chefs who prepare the dishes and reach the palates of the  American consumer.

Some of the events that are part of this recognized brand are: the International “Seminar Perú Strategic food supplier for the World”, First Forum of Investments in Agriculture, Taste of Quinoa & Pisco Party in NYC, International Quinoa Forum in NYC, the celebration of the National Day of Pisco in New York, the Fiesta del Aji Amarillo and Pisc, among others.

“Peru to the World Expo’, reaffirms its commitment, and with more force to  continue the promotion of Peruvian Super Foods and the value in its consumption not only in taste but rnutritional value it has to offer.


You'll be part of this amazing opportunity to show to the world the traditions of our cuisine. Meet you new clients. Establish new relationships with makers and shakers of the industry. Meet Top Chefs from Peru and all USA.

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