Peru to the world Expo Houston, Peruvian gastronomy fair will be on Sunday June 5th at The Ballroom at Tanglewood

  • After 10 years of continuous success in New York, Peru to the World Expo (PTWE) will bring together the renowned Peruvian culinary expo worldwide to the historic and prosperous city of Houston, Texas.
  • 25 Top Peruvian chefs will showcase the famous Peruvian gastronomy along with cocktails made with Pisco, complemented with music and folk dances.
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Contact: Melvi Davila (201) 759 2764

TEXAS, APRIL 22, 2022 – After 10 years of continued success in New York City, the Peru to the World Expo (PTWE) Peruvian food fair will take on this year, the new challenge of pleasing the palates of the historic and prosperous state of Texas.

With an impeccable track record, PTWE will continue with its mission of promoting the world-renowned Peruvian cuisine, along with its ancient culture, tourist attractions and other products from the Inca nation.

“In order to expand our work to other markets, we have decided to take on the challenge of creating a version of PTWE in the diverse city of Houston, Texas,” said Melvi Dávila, founding president of PTWE and PR Innovation USA.

The cultural activity, called “First Peru to the World Expo, Houston, Texas” will take place on Sunday, June 5, 2022, in the grand salon at “The Ballroom at Tanglewood”, 5430 Westheimer Ct. Houston 77056 with the support of the Peruvian General Consul Rodolfo Coronado. “We are very pleased to support this important event that showcases our rich Peruvian culture and its cuisine “ which is recognized the world over” “We have confirmed the presence of important representatives from the city of Houston and Consuls from neighboring countries that will accompany us in such an important event like Brasil, Colombia , Ecuador, Argentina, Panamá, Spain, Poland, Korea and Japan ”, said Consul General Rodolfo Coronado.

Renowned Peruvian chef, Flavio Solórzano, PTWE Culinary Director, will arrive from Peru, along with Kumar Paredes from Lima, and Juan Danilo Zegarra from Germany, among others. The top Peruvian Chefs will showcase dishes like: Ceviche in different styles, Causa, Tiradito, Tuna with passion fruit, Aji de Gallina, Rocoto relleno, Lomo saltado, and many more. The guest of honor will be the congressman for the 27th District of Peruvians Abroad (PEX), Juan Carlos Lizarzaburu who will be arrive from Peru to attend this important evento.

On this special occasion, renowned Peruvian professionals will be awarded the PTWE Leadership of Excellence Award, the following persons will be recognized:
Analia Fiestas, Anchor news Telemundo; Aracely Quispe, Astronautical Engineer to NASA;
Dr. Germán Newall and Dr. Luis Chug for their tiredless work in the medical field.

Peru to the World Expo 2022 will be presented for the first time in Houston, Texas by GOYA FOODS, AquaWorld Systems, Dr. Germán Newall, Latin Bites Kitchen (LBK), and Dreams Animation who have once again reiterated their support for this successful gastronomic event.

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