• Welcome to the fourth Edition of Peru To The World Expo 2015 at The Meadowlands Exposition Center. Join us for a travel through the amazing Peruvian culture during the 4th Peru to The World Expo 2015.

    You will learn why Peru has won the Top Culinary Destination of the world, by tasting its flavors and by experiencing the diversity and innovation of its dishes that delight our senses.

    As 2015 is the International Year of Family Farming, Peru Agribusiness Association has organized this Expo which seeks to bring under the same roof the incomparable mixture of taste, color and variety of Peruvian cuisine and it cultural diversity.

    Whether you are a buyer, chef, restaurant owner, exporter or Peru lover, PTWE 2015 the event that should not be missed. There is simply no better opportunity to improve your knowledge and reinvigorate your passion for Peruvian culture.

    This event is open to the industry and to the general public.

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